Frequently Asked Questions About the i-Loyalty Reader!


1. Who can use the i-Loyalty handset?
The typical users of the i-Loyalty handset are organizations with quite a few customers or members, for example, small retailers, schools, restaurants, hair salons, car washer, cafes, takeaways, sport clubs, theatres etc. It can also be used outside during an event to issue point cards or sell gift cards / tickets.

Anyone that has the following demand can use the i-Loyalty handset.

· Issuing points systems and redeem
· Issuing pre top-up cards and consume
· Issuing gift cards
· Issuing secured tickets
· Issuing staff cards to have attendance recoded

2. What functions does this machine carry out?

· Issuing points systems and redeem
· Issuing pre top-up cards and consume
· Issuing gift cards
· Issuing secured tickets
· Issuing staff cards to have attendance recoded
· Data backup with USB
· Storing card history and details
· Replacing cards
However, with your creation you can use the handset on most of the points or pre-paid related scenarios.

3. What environment is needed to use the handset?
The handset is PC free and it can issue and cancel cards on its own. It can work with any POS systems under normal circumstances.

4. What kind of cards does it use?
It uses 13.56MHz RFID secure encoded smart cards (contactless smart card) with the same level of security with common used Mifare cards.

5. How to issue point cards
You need to add the new user account and then chose the type of card you want the user to be assigned to by pressing 1. Cash 2. Point or Number 3. Staff, it’s really this simple.

6. How to issue top-up cards or gift cards
Type in the administration password, then enter person’s information, amount to top up, and swipe the cards, the i-Loyalty handset will store this information and register it against the smart card. You can give this card to anybody, and it could be spent on the same machine that issued it.

7. How to issue staff cards
Same as the points, but select Staff Cards. These can be used for staff in/out work time records, keeping a log of all time worked and also staff attendance record.

8. How to check the record
You can request from the machine all information regarding one person’s detailed account and spend/points history

9. Password on opening card and top up
You can find all this useful information in the i-Loyalty user guide.

10. Card replacement/stolen
You can find this information in the i-Loyalty user guide.

11. How to change the battery
The battery is designed to be compatible with Nokia 3310 which is widely supplied worldwide. If your battery is not charging, you can just buy a new Nokia 3310 one and replace it by opening the battery cover on the back.

12. What if the machine is lost/damaged
You need to backup your data regularly through the USB port. All the information is stored in the machine. If you have backed up data, we can restore this to a replacement machine. If you have not backed up your data and lost/damaged the machine, unfortunately your data will be lost

13. Can multiple machines be used together for retail chains?
Not at the moment, our next version of the i-Loyalty handset may have this function.

14. What if a same machine is used next door, will our cards mixed together?
Each handset has a unique PIN number and can only read the cards that it has issued by itself. If a card issued by a different handset swiped, the handset won't respond. You can write down or print the cards with your own name or logo to make them look different and unique.

15. Can we print our cards?
Yes, you can get the cards printed full colour like the credit card.

16. How to order extra cards?
You need to tell us the serial number of the handset when ordering extra cards so that we can set up the cards to match up with the handset. The serial number can be found in the menu of the handset, and also on the label at the back of the handset.

17. How much does a new card cost?
Approximately 15p each, the more you order, the less the unit cost is. If you need printing, you can either buy a printer from us, or order pre-printed cards.

18. How secure is the card?
The card offers the same level of security as most commonly used Mifare cards, however, these standard cards do not offer a financial level of security so we suggest the top-up cards only be used within a small scale, and always keep your own record. i-Loyalty will not liable for any consequential loses as per our terms and conditions.

19. How to back up the data?
You can back up the data through the USB port on the bottom of the handset, we supply software for the backup and drivers. The drivers support 32bit and 64 bit of Windows system.

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