The Benefits of i-Loyalty

     Loyalty from your customers giving you higher revenues
     Information on your customers purchase history – giving you more retail history
     Highlighting your Brand – Ensures Brand Awareness
     Rewarding your most loyal customers – Your customers will enjoy this fresh approach!

More Loyal Customers – Always easier to sell to existing customers than it is to find new ones!

     Incentives pay rewards for both customer and retailer
     Keep customers interested in your wares
     Increase customer traffic
     Marketing always pays and increases customer retention, whilst attracting new customers to your marketing initiatives!

Get To Know who your customer are

     The real power is knowledge and i-Loyalty offers just this
     Learn about your customers spending habits. With the i-Loyalty you can identify their unique spending habits- frequency of visits, time of shopping sprees etc.
     With this information to hand it allows specific aimed marketing campaigns that will work.

Your Brand Awareness is heightened when using i-Loyalty!

     Enhance your brand further easily:
     Personalised Loyalty Cards
     High Quality plastic cards with longevity
     Further personalisation will further your shoppers loyalty

     i-Loyalty Ease of use!

A simple to operate package with software to suit you..

     Easy to use and no training is involved.
     Wireless terminal – use anywhere and synchronise at your convenience
     i-Loyalty to go and on the go!

     Reward schemes that deliver
     Easy to use i-Loyalty terminal operates on your time scale
     You can offer even more incentives and rewards to your loyal customers
     Double points
     Extra bonus points
     Even bigger discounts

     Gives you the freedom to create your marketing campaigns based from knowledge of your customers spending habits. Use the i-Loyalty system to work for you and your customers…

i-Loyalty rewards you and your loyal customers!

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